Whitbeck Notes
Spring  2021
Floral on Stone Shelf
24" x 18"   oil on panel
                                      Welcome to the Spring 2021 Whitbeck Notes.

    My upcoming art show season is, at this time, still very much up in the air. Some shows are cancelling left and right while others are still proceeding with all the usual steps, hoping to be held on their normal date. I think because there is still a chance for some of the summer and fall shows to still happen they are continuing on in the hopes of opening their gates to the public and holding an improvised event.
    From what I have been hearing and reading from show directors, booths will be spaced about ten feet apart, masks will be required and, for some shows, a limit of one visitor per booth at a time. I am curious how this last bit in reality is working out.
    In any case, the shows that I have applied to and you hopefully will be able to see me at are in this order:  Old Town in Chicago, Des MoinesMystic Connecticut and Longs Park in Lancaster Pennsylvania. You can click here to access the show schedule page of my website to see the dates they will be held. So far it looks as if all of these are moving on in anticipation of opening to the public.
    One other show possibility for me this year is Chicago's 57th Street Art Fair, held the weekend before Old Town. This one is looking like a no, but I will keep you posted.
Fortune Teller
18" x 24"   oil on panel
    As to the paintings and work available? Well that has not been a problem. As mentioned in previous Whitbeck Notes, with the extra time from not driving to and attending shows last year I was able to be in the studio more and work on new still life pieces. So the few shows you do see me at this year will have a booth full of work.
    For the show schedule updates and to see all the available work keep an eye on my website at www.jameswhitbeck.com. And, as usual, commissions are welcome, especially considering the abbreviated show season this year resulting in the larger pockets of studio time in between events. Feel free to call or write with any questions.
Royal Bouquet
36" x 48"   oil on canvas
All my best,
and I hope to see you somewhere down the road,
James Whitbeck
(413) 695-3937