Five  New  Paintings
from Whitbeck Studios
   Below are five of the most recent paintings from Whitbeck Studios. I am very excited to offer these new pieces which are a mixture of flowers, fruit and antiques. Some of the objects are new to me and so new to you! While others I have had for a while and am just now finding a nice spot for them in a still life. As all who are acquainted with my work know, each piece is unique and stand out on their own, created from some spark of inspiration. That is what keeps them fresh and different and special. I hope you think so too. Enjoy!

James Whitbeck
Rusty Patch
20" x 16"   oil on panel

China Bowl with Fruit
12" x 16"   oil on panel
Time Piece
18" x 24"   oil on panel
In Pursuit of the Sun
20" x 16"   oil on panel
Red Wine and Fruit
20" x 16"   oil on panel