New Paintings 
                from Whitbeck Studios
20" x 16"   oil on panel

Unusual for me is this bouquet of sunflowers spilling out of a glass vase with Black-Eye-Suzans crowning the top. Using one single vibrant color throughout the painting put to test my abilities to see the myriad of yellow hues that played in each of the flowers and how they changed going from sun to shadow. An adventure indeed! Kitrinos (Kee-tree-nos) is Greek for yellow.
20" x 16"   oil on panel

Young Titian would have recognized  this carving of mermaid and cherubs from the little church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli (ca.1489) in Venice. I have not yet had the satisfaction of viewing this marble in person, but that did not stop me from including it in my latest stll life piece. I also could not help but put in the dark, dark background and intesify the contrasts between light and dark, the extremeness of it really makes things pop. And the porcelain basket I cannot get enough of! A recent gift it has already been in two other paintings.
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All my best,
James Whitbeck