" This is a painter whose fine oil canvases make you want to reach out and try to touch the objects pictured. Remarkable, highly realistic still life paintings feature dark backgrounds, suitable for formal settings. This work is evocative of older European styles."
                                                                                                           Lynn S.

                     Simply put, I fell in love with the art of 17th century Holland. From the genre paintings of Vermeer and Pieter de Hooch to the landscapes of Jacob van Ruisdael and the still lives of Pieter Claesz, the creativeness and innovative drive coming out of that small republic, from the very beginning, has caught and held my attention, and continues to be a strong driving force behind what and how I choose to paint.
                 Born in the wrong century, I find myself shutting out the idea of painting modern subject matter, or using old master techniques in the 21st century to create old-time looking contemporary still life. It just does not interest me, and it does not creatively move me. So, over the years I have found myself painting more and more what looks like old Dutch pieces, using antiques and reproductions of period glassware, pottery, silver and so on, creating paintings with an old world feel. This is what interests me, and so this is what I paint. 100% Pieter Claesian still lives!
                With my solo-minded personality I just fell into learning the technique on my own, not wanting influence from others, and staying focused on the inspirations that originally set me down this road. And, as this proved pretty daunting for learning the nuts and bolts of seventeenth century painting techniques, it allowed me to progress in my own way, learning straight from the masters themselves. A direct one-on-one style. I began by copying Vermeer's, which pushed me, through frustration, to learn technique. And through learning technique I found myself striving to better this and produce work that would have the feel of the old Dutch painters. Museum visits were a highlight of this learning. Much can be gleaned from close observation of a brush stroke! And I am still pushing myself, still learning, which is very exciting to me. I feel an exhilaration when starting a new painting; laying out the objects, tweaking it just so, looking at the white canvas, the anticipation of the first strokes. After all of these years there is still a feeling of newness.
A r t i s t 's   S t a t e m e n t

B i o g r a p h y
              Born in Greenfield, Massachusetts in 1973, James Whitbeck grew up in a home where his artistic creativity was encouraged and visits to museums were a regular event. His teenage years were spent in creative freedom, following wherever inspiration lead him; pen and ink drawings, water color landscapes, acrylic and oil, charcoal and others. It was not until the 1990's that through a discovery of his Dutch ancestry that his first copies of Vermeer's paintings were begun. Genealogy, coupled with a love of history, particularly of the 16th and 17th centuries, with all of its colorful stories and images was a driving force behind the paintings James creates today.
              With initially a focus on gallery representation as well as being in various articles and group exhibits, it was through a friend that his attention was eventually turned to exhibiting at the outdoor fine art shows held around the country. Here he was able to combine the two to sell and promote his art.His paintings are sold nationally and internationally.
                 James' home and studio are situated along the beautiful Connecticut river in Western Massachusetts, where he lives with his wife Gale.     
2011              "Two Artists in Dialogue:                -Opalka Gallery at Sage Collage, Albany, NY.
2008              "Still Life and Interiors"                    -Lathrop Community Gallery, Easthampton, Ma.
2008              "Art in the Afternoon"                       - Franklin Landtrust Annual Art Auction, Greenfield, Ma.
2006               "Art in the Evening"                         -Franklin Landtrust Annual Art Auction, Greenfield, Ma.
2006               "Painting=Poetry--
                       ut pictura poesis"                             -Sherry French Gallery, New York, NY.
2006               "Flowers in February"                     -Sherry French Gallery, New York, NY.
2006               "The Many Faces of
                         America the Beautiful"                  -Goodlander Gallery, Easthampton, Ma.
2006               "Still Life's" winter still life
                        exhibition                                        -William Baczek Fine Arts, Northampton, Ma.
2006               "Perceptions of Still Life"              -Goodlander Gallery, Easthampton, Ma.
2005               "Northeastern Fine Arts
                        Juried Exhibition"                           -Greentrees Gallery, Northfield, Ma.
2005                "January Members 
                        Salon Show"                                   -Gallery 267, Greenfield, Ma.
2005                "Members Spring Exhibition"       -Gallery 267, Greenfield, Ma.
2005                "Two Personal Perspectives"       -Gallery 267, Greenfield, Ma.
2005               "The Paintings and impressions
                        of David Sund and James
                        Whitbeck"                                         -The Rice Gallery, Northampton, Ma.
2005                "Small Sizes, Precious Pieces"   -Sherry French Gallery, New York, NY.
2004                "5th Annual Francis N. Roddy
                         Open Competition"                          -Concord Art Association, Concord, Ma.
2004                "Show of Faces"                            -Greentrees Gallery, Northfield, Ma.                            
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